The leading hardware security company of the new economic era
Propelled by the trend of digital convergence, cryptography-based data protection has been growing over the past 20 years. With its burgeoning implementation, the security industry experienced a resurgence of innovative application – digital signature, secure communication, mutual authentication, etc. Now based on these well-entrenched techniques, future stars are rising to eminence; they are blockchain and post-quantum cryptography, which cannot be underscored enough in the digitality-driven era, also called the new economic era.

WiSECURE Technologies aims to develop cryptographic products meeting requirements in the new economic era. Unlike typical hardware security firms prioritizing "contemporary compliance context", we guarantee to provide security modules protecting customers' digital assets "in coming decades", in spite of quantum computing lurking ahead.


Security, efficiency, and friendliness
WiSECURE Technologies is a brand of next-generation hardware security. Having picked up the expertise in use cases, application scenarios, and especially key life cycle management of cryptographic modules, we have a great command of technical fulfillment, which allows us to lay extra emphasis on user experiences in product design; they include:

  • Tenacious key protection
  • Optimal computing efficiency
  • Friendly user operation


Security by Design
Our core competence is derived from InfoKeyVault Technology (IKV), a well-known embedded security company in Taiwan. Years of experiences in intense security design has sharpened IKV's skills, able to tackle security issues in a wide range of scenarios; with IKV, the acceleration of product development becomes possible. Taking the advantage, we effectively elicit customers' security concerns and design products meeting their needs with speedy deployment.


Jimmy Chen

  • Education:
    B.S. National Taiwan University - Mathematics
    M.S. National Taiwan University -Mathematics
    Ph.D. Purdue University -Mathematics

  • Expertise:
    Cryptography – Theory & Applications

  • Experience:
    Adjunct faculty member with Outstanding Teaching Award in NTU since 2003
    Courses of cryptography, cryptanalysis, FinTech with blockchain & cryptocurrency delivered in the departments of Math, EE, CSIE, and EMBA

Albert Cheng

General Manager
  • Education:
    B.S. National Taiwan University-Computer Science & Information Engineering

  • Expertise:
    Establishment of Public CA / Smartcard Embedded Application/Crypto Hardware Implementation / Chip – Based Design of Security Mechanism

  • Experience:
    Smartcard & IT Security/System & Software Engineering /Telecommunication

Phil Liang

  • Education:
    Bachelor of Computer Science, Soochow University
  • Expertise:
    Marine Transport, Telecommunications / Business Consultant / CRM / Electronic Commerce / Digital Payment / Electronic Toll Collect / Intelligent Transport System / Telematics / EMV / Business Intelligent / Transportation Ticketing / Information Security / Data Privacy Act / Cryptographic Solution

  • Experience:
    Knowledge and Competence Developed in the Aspects of Software Engineering / Project Management / Service Operation / Consultant Methodology / Mobile Technology / Solution Architecture / Management Capability / Information Security / Data & Privacy Protection / Management Leadership


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4F., No. 218, Sec. 6, Roosevelt Rd.,
Wenshan Dist.,Taipei City 116, TaiwanR.O.C.
[email protected]

Copyright © 2021 WiSECURE Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2022 WiSECURE Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved.