FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified
Server-side Encryption Engine

Ease of use, rapid development, high flexibility

As the server-side high-performance encryption engine, kvHSM can encrypt high-volume data at rest and in transit, perform digital signature and securely store and manage credentials. Facing new standards or algorithm upgradation, hardware replacement is not required. kvHSM is also quantum-proof. The hardware design already allows for migration to post-quantum cryptography.

Revolutionize HSM Market

WiSECURE kvHSM aims for speedy deployment, high flexbility, adaptability and usability in vertical integration. Customers can save much time and put less effort. In this regard, it acts like a turnkey solution to deploy cryptographic service in specific use cases, meeting security requirements for data protection, authentication, etc.


Cloud Data Protection

kvHSM encrypts server-side data, establishs secure channel, verifiies data authenticity and resist data appropriation, impersonation and interception.

Data at Rest / Secure NAS / Cloud File Protection

Ransomware has been notoriously endangering enterprise data for years. Taking it at face value, ransomware just encrypts data. In reality, data has been stolen before a warning pops out. kvHSM can perform full disk encryption, so even if ransomware finds it way in, the data encrypted by kvHSM remain invincible.

BYOK (Bring your own key)

For cloud-based service providers storing cryptographic keys, kvHSM can shift cryptographic keys to on-premises environments, either for policy enforcement or security enhancemnet.

Blockchain Application

The building blocks of blockchain are cryptographic functions, digital signature and hashing. kvHSM serves as a crypto engine in which blockchain application can operate securely leveraging its cryptographic functions.

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