Pioneering in Passwordless Authentication
FIDO2 Certified Security Solution

As an enabler of passwordless authentication
WiSECURE provides authentication turnkey solutions
Meeting ODM/OEM and enterprise-grade requirements

What is FIDO (Fast Identity Online)?

Cross-Platform Authentication Standard

The use of passwords has led to many security issues impeding enterprises' operation. FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is a set of open, standardized strong authentication protocols intended to ultimately eliminate passwords, aiming to address the aforementioned security issues by replacing password-based security with crypto-based security.

FIDO Enabler
- Meeting a wide range of passwordless requirements

WiSECURE Technologies is a FIDO member, also a leading security vendor implementing FIDO-certified solutions. Providing both hardware and software security keys reaching the highest security level (FIDO2 L2) and the FIDO2 server, WiSECURE helps enterprise fulfill multi-factor and passwordless authentication in the form of a turnkey solution, ODM service, value-added system integration, etc.


We provide three FIDO deployment packages


For those who plan to integrate FIDO2-certified passwordless authentication to an existing system, we will tailor a package and seamlessly help you with deployment.

FIDO Certification Consultancy

For those who plan acquire FIDO certification, we provide professional consulting service, helping you get certificates at minimal expenses.

Enterprise-grade Turnkey

For those who plan to integrate a FIDO2-certified solution to an existing website or system, we help you with deployment at minimal expense.

FIDO2 Ecosystem


AuthTron M

Moblie authenticator

AuthTron Kevlar

Security key


Security key


FIDO server

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