AuthTron® security key

Speed up Password-less with FIDO2 Security Keys

AuthTron™ security key

Speed up Password-less with FIDO2 Security Keys

of cyberattacks result from passwords
of users have negative experience of password use
online shopping interruption results from forgetting passwords
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Issue Tackling

Passwords are no longer reliable

With passwords jeopardizing productivity and security, a paradigm shift toward the PKC‐based (public key cryptography) trust anchor has occurred. We no longer place trust in passwords. Rather, we place trust in cryptography; we place trust in a private key securely stored in a secure environment and never leaving its physical secure boundary.

AuthTron security key is U2F and FIDO2 L1 certified, supporting password-less and multi-factor authentication. It meets the requirements for zero trust environments and password-less login, resisting phishing and password leakage and ensuring hardware-level crypto-based strong authentication.  

About AuthTron

FIDO2 Security Key ODM
Password-less Authentication Ecosystem

AuthTron supports multiple protocols including FIDO2, U2F, PIV, OATH, HOTP. The secure element is CC EAL 5+ certified, mitigating the risk of key leakage. WiSECURE provides security key ODM service, allowing for branded security keys adapted to specific use cases.


FIDO2 & U2F L1 certified

AuthTron Kevlar

FIDO2 & U2F L2 certified


Web USB / FIDO2 External Authenticator

AuthTron is FIDO2-certified. It resists threats posed by phishing websites, man-in-the-middle attacks and impersonation.

Wi-Fi WPA / Remote Security / Branch Office / Work form home

The trust related issues in remote working brings forth the wave of zero trust concept. AuthTron is a hardware-based authentication resisting data leakage and malicious attacks.

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