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Countries, organization and individuals are undergoing fast changing and large-scale cyber attack that may undermine national infrastructure. As an organization is developing service and product, cyber security investment is no longer regarded as a sunk cost. Instead, cyber security becomes a means of global marketing, business strategy and competitiveness. In this regard, the fundamental security strength of IoT ecosystem, cryptocurrency, blockchain and cloud security comes down to cryptography and robust key management.

As the only Asian company designing and manufacturing hardware security modules (HSMs), we have established trustworthy and stable long-term partnership with many industries. Through more than ten years of high quality ODM and OEM service, we assure you that you will benefit from cost-efficient security deployment and our rich experience. If you would like to take a step further collaborating with us, you can choose the mode that fits your security requirements and application scenarios. Get more information as follows:


1. FIDO Ecosystem Member

Whether you are a FIDO vendor or an enterprise-grade service provider, we have well-established "FIDO enabling ecosystem" and professional development capability, looking forward to collaborating with you on promising and profitable FIDO applications.


System Integrator

We deliver FIDO2 passwordless authentication as a turnkey solution to system integrators, enabling your product/service portfolio to get equipped with certified and high-quality passwordless strong authentication.

Application Service Provider

For any application that requires authentication and user login, we help integrate FIDO2 authentication with your application service. Also, our security key ODM/OEM service designs a tailor-made security key branded with your logo.


Security Key Vendor

Our FIDO2 server can add strategic value to your security key market. Let us build a FIDO ecosystem together.


2. ODM Design Service

Our ODM service includes the design of hardware security modules (HSMs), security keys and FileAegisTM secure file storage. The forms of a standardized product, a crypto-based security core, or an application engine are available for joint design and manufacturing or branded with your logo.

What innovative product and secure service do you expect to offer to your customers?

Whether you are developing secure application and service or expanding your product portfolio, collaborating with WiSECURE ensures the fulfillment your ambitious business goals and discover unlimited market potential.

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