WiSECURE Technologies joined FIDO

WiSECURE Technologies joined FIDO

In January, WiSECURE Technologies joined FIDO so as to develop passwordless multi-factor USB keys, aiming to help governmental entities, enterprises, education institutions and others resist phishing and impersonation.

The features are as follows.

Comprehensive product portfolio

Besides HSM products, we also provide consulting service, helping customers clarify the risk of the target use case. Meanwhile, our crypto module for clouds and mobile devices are available for an integrated solution.

Cryptographic implementation

We not only build our own security key but design branded keys for enterprises, governmental entities, educational institutions and others through FIDO2 USB Key ODM service.


Our USB key is one-of-a-kind because of its cognition-oriented authentication method. Which is by no means comparable with fingerprint, PIN or touch.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering Making Your Own Key!