High-speed encryption,
optimizing secure communication


High-speed encryption,
optimizing secure communication

Issue Tackling

Endpoint Root of Trust

As mobile and IoT devices start to take charge of complex tasks requiring high speed computing. Drones, AR, VR, robots, autonomous vehicles, mobile payments and remote communication are no exception. The mechanism gives users "low latency and timely" feedback.

As more and more client-side devices are doing demanding tasks, privacy becomes a thorny issue to tackle. Processing data transferred back and forth may accidentally leak users'confidential data. At this point, VeloCrypt® was launched to protect client-side devices and confidential data at rest and in transit. Adapted to a wide range of use cases, VeloCrypt® can perform end-to-end encryption, device identity management, encryption, authentication, digital signature, etc. Faced with changing endpoint threat landscape and quantum computing, VeloCrypt® supports quantum-safe and future-proof algorithm customization or upgradation.

About VeloCrypt™

Bulky vault at your fingertips

VeloCrypt® is intended for a wide range of use case applications concerning protection of digitized bits, enabling client-side high-performance data encryption in transit and at rest, digital rights management (DRM), transaction verification, etc. Both developers and nontechnical users can easily perform cryptographic operations without additional configuration.

On the other hand, the flexible hardware structure design of VeloCrypt® enables implementation of any algorithm and customization of standard ones, followed by efficient deployment in your systems without extra hardware refinement. We also provide professional service to help customers build their own asymmetric curves, hardware cryptographic engines, hardware accelerators for VeloCrypt®. Faced with the era of quantum computing, we devote ourselves to post-quantum cryptography (PQC), applying cutting-edge techniques to VeloCrypt®, expecting to meet customers' long-term security requirements.

VeloCrypt® SA

commercial version

VeloCrypt® SL

customizable version


IoT Endpoint Security

VeloCrypt® gives IoT devices a unique crypto-based identity, applicable in end-to-end and end-to-cloud strong authentication, ensuring data integrity and authenticity .

USB Device Authentication Token

VeloCrypt®, along with the USB-based card reader, is applied to FIDO2 U2F/FIDO2 authentication.

Mobile Device On-the-Fly Encryption

VeloCrypt® is compatible with Android smartphones. Users can render VeloCrypt® the secure storage to which confidential data can be transferred.

Secure Communication

VeloCrypt® serves as a crypto platform on which messaging apps can leverage its cryptographic service. Directly plugged into a mobile device, VeloCrypt® provides the mobile device a military-grade secure element to perform cryptographic operation and key storage, raising the messaging app's security level.

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